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It’s All Connected by Parksville Massage Therapy

It’s All Connected by Parksville Massage Therapy

Our modern, Western culture tends to be very reductionist.  That means we tend to reduce everything down to its tiniest and most separate – or so we think – particle.  If our lower back hurts, it must mean that the pain is coming from a muscle in our back.  What we don’t usually think about is how, in actuality, everything is connected to everything else.  Take your body, for instance.  Your muscles do not work in isolation.  Lower back pain may have to do with your back muscles, but not necessarily.  Are you holding tension in your gluteals?  Are you walking stiffly through your hips?  Are you a bit off-balance and are compensating with leg muscles?  Are your psoas muscles weak?  All of these issues can actually cause lower back pain.

When you come in for a massage at massage therapy parksville, you get a chance to talk to your parksville massage therapist about the pain you are experiencing.  After you have done so, you may be confused if your massage therapist works on a different area than you expected.  Always feel free to ask the massage therapist why he/she is working in that area.  Our Parksville massage therapists are all very knowledgeable and friendly and are available to answer your questions at any time during the massage.  One of the best reasons to talk with your massage therapist is because you may realize that the pain you are experiencing is being caused by some action you engage in but never considered could be related.

When you leave the massage, take some time to see how the massage connects to the rest of your life.  I tell my horseback riding clients that the time they spend with horses can expand out to the rest of their lives.  The same is true with massage therapy.  The calming, therapeutic time you spend on the table should be integrated into the rest of your life.  Don’t think of massage as an escape – think of it as a centering point.  It’s a time when you learn how your body is connected and how the things you do affect your body, even in ways you never imagined.  Take that knowledge and the atmosphere of your massage and carry that into the rest of life.  And remember, it’s all connected.


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